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NOV 16th


Centro Cultural El Rule
Domo Multicanal
Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 6, Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México
Free Entry
Opening Ceremony
First Set
6:10-7:20 pm
"Ambisonic Solo Set"
Juan Pampín
Multichannel Sound Act 
"La Mer Émeraude"
Joao Pedro Oliveira
Acusmatic Multichannel Piece
"Improvisación Multicanal"
Hugo Solís / Gabriela Villa
Duo Jumm
"Sense [Sentido]"
Ricardo dal Farra
Acusmatic Multichannel Piece
"Reflections from the Void"
Edmar Soria
Multichannel Improvisation for Guitar and Electronics
Arthur Gottschalk
United States
Mexico Premiere
2 channels
Borborygmus - noun: bor·bo·ryg·mus; a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines.
In 1989 I acquired a very small hydrophone, shaped more or less like a pill, which gave me an idea. I swallowed the hydrophone, and recorded the results. In my enthusiasm, I had neglected to consider the effects associated with removing the hydrophone from my stomach, and the next hour was painful, for myself and for my unfortunate lab assistant. Nonetheless, I was successful; I labeled the results “Stomach Music” and filed them for future use. I then promptly lost them.
Last year, while reviewing the contents of a number of boxes of material to be considered for my archives in the Woodson Research Library at Rice University, I came across an old reel of Ampex tape. It turned out to be my missing stomach music. I had my engineer of many years, Andrew Bradley, apply his patented method of “baking” old magnetic tape, in order to restore the media long enough for one last playback and subsequent digital recording. I took that digital file with me this summer to the American Academy in Rome, where I was a Visiting Artist. Envisioning a piece that not only captured sounds of the body’s internal processes, but also imagined hearing external sounds filtered through skin, muscle, and digestive fluid, I recorded sounds from outside my window, high upon Rome’s famed Janiculum Hill. Taking my cue from the 1966 science fiction film Fantastic Voyage, I created a piece that allows us to “hear” an imaginary trip through one’s innards – Borborygmus.
Second Set
7:30-8:40 pm
"A Line"
Juan Pampín
Ambisonics Electronic Sounds
"Espacios Infinitos"
Joaquín Jiménez
Multichannel Piece with Machine Learning and Ableton Live
"Play Day"
Roberto Morales Manzanares
Live Multichannel Sound Act
"Con Lampico Row"
Manuel Rocha Iturbide
Acousmatic Multichannel Piece 
"Abstracción nº2"
Blas Payri
United States
World Premiere
Abstract image that inspired the first aabstract audiovisual compositions in the twentieth century. The image and the music have been created in layers that evolve to create texture and density changes. 
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