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ThursdayNOV 8th


Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de México
Studio A Live Room
Calle del Puente 222, Colonia Ejidos de Huipulco, Tlalpan, Ciudad de México
Free Entry
Sarah Keirle
Great Britain
Mexico Premiere
2 channels
Around you lies the gentle valley, green meadows and the soft sound of cattle bells. Above, huge grey ridges loom through gaps in the dappled trees, majestic and terrifying in their enormity.
Jacob Miller Smith
United States
Mexico Premiere
4 channels
Subsurface features sounds recorded from sources of carbonated water as well as found trash that carbonated drinks are packaged in. It is a criticism of litter and trash found throughout our environments as well as an examination of the role of packaged water in a desert environment. All materials used were recycled after recording.
"Recursive Variations"
Stephen Lilly
United States
World Premiere
4 channels
The “theme,” heard with minimal variation at the halfway point, is a gritty series of analog pulses that meanders over the four playback channels. The continuous variations that surround it are generated by analog transformations involving recursion (i.e. repeatedly applied signal multiplication, filtering driven by envelopes derived from the very signal being filtered, and various feedback systems from tape delay to “bucket brigades”). All the sonic materials were developed in the Voltage-Control Studio at the Institute of Sonology, Netherlands, and the form was then refined in a digital sequencer.
"Depiction of Sounds - Pray to Buddah -4th short version"
Kazuya Ishigami
World Premiere
4 channels
At the end of the year, I hear the bells on New Year's Eve. In order to wash away all the bad things of the year. And, as next year will be a good year, I wash out the heart. New Year, I will pray to the shrine. To be a good year this year, I sincerely pray. The time has go past the early. A year is a blink.
Eric Pérez Segura
Additional Presentation
4 channels
Based on its namesake poem by Edgar Allan Poe, this piece combines reciting with processed bells' sounds which try to emulate different stages and moods described in the poem.
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